PHOTOS: 400 Level Students Of History And International Studies AAUA -Celebrates their FYB Week in remarkable way, tagged Afrocentric Day.

The student of the said department started their FYB Week Today (Monday) In Native Attires of different denomination of homeland culture.

The President Of the Faculty of Arts Adeokin Olarotimi PKA (Mankind), the president of the Department Oloruntoba Iretomiwa PKA (Tommytee) and other prominent students tagged the Afrocentric day as regard the concept and ideology in History that Africans and students of history, Afrocentric attitudinal actions should be embraced.

They also believed that History encompasses every nooks and crannies of life and that putting on Native Attires during this day is worth celebrating.

It should also be noted that the FYB Week celebration is between the History Education students and History Major students because there is no segregation and discrimination among us. However in conjunction they make the day worth what it is today.

And it is crystal clear that the celebration of the FYB Week tagged Afrocentric day showcase the fact that Africans have history worth studying. And also if critically accessed the students in their Native Attires went to the University Palm Wine Strine to drink Local Palm Wine known as Ijewuru in Ijaw language and Emu in Yoruba language respectively.

This has historically proved and debunked the Eurocentric believe, thoughts and ideology that Africans don't have history worth studying.

The students of the said department were delightful on the fact that the FYB Week Program was  a successful one. And the activities of the FYB Week goes thus.

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