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'Who should I date,?-Question for the single

It's generally understood that dating is of important in all human society, but to many people dating is so marginalized to the extent that if they found any of their friends in it such person have become useless fellow to them or to himself / herself, most of this believe is escalating from religions doctrine or religious fundarmenterlism.

Everyone want to be in dating but permit me to say this, it is not everyone that really understands the real definition of dating because what some people called dating is absolutely not the real definition of dating , dating is not for kids or boys but it is for mature mind, majorly for growing man and woman.

Note, what I mean by man and woman is not really define from Chronological Age but it deal with a person that can really define himself psychologically , socially acceptable and ntellectual mobile, an independent person.

However I will like to correct some negative impression about dating and unveil some of it importance, Who you should date and what you should notice in dating, Know why you should date and what to do on date.

     What is dating or date?
A date is a pre-arrange time spent with a person of opposition sex ..
        Type of date
Group dating 
Single dating 

Group dating-
This has to do with when man is having multiple choice of selections of woman by Dating more than one person, it generally understood as double dating.

Single dating-
This has to do with a man and a woman relationship that's an agreement between a man and a woman without a third party. I called it a healthy dating because such dating is always having a goal.

What are the benefits of dating.
If anybody is telling or had told you that there is no benefits in dating please don't listen to the person. If you should ask me this question, "Is there any benefit in dating '? Of course I will answer you by saying Yes . If you found yourself in a dating that doesn't have any benefit or yield to something better since you have been in it my dear I will only advice you to back out with immediate effect because you will just be there Stagnantly why all your mate are really doing very well in theirs.

Some of the benefits of dating are listed below:
1. Dating helps you learn to get along socially.
2. Dating helps in develop personality
3. Dating will help you in selections of a mate

Possible danger in dating
1. Chance of damage future happiness
2. Chance of loosing your right man

           Who to date
1. A person with good reputation.
2. A person that have a good background.
3. A person who has the same motive and think the same way with you
4. A person who is psychologically balance, Socially acceptable, Emotionally stable and intellectually mobile.
5. A God fearing fellow.

The three things every man needs in dating
1. Support.
2. Loyalty.
3. The cookies.

why most I date or what to do on a date.
One of the main reason for dating a person is to get to know that persom. You don't really get to know someone from hours of 'making out' it may be enjoyable though but it doesn't help you to know each other.

There is this possibility that you might one day marry that person you certainly want to know what someone is really like before committing yourself to spend the rest of your life with them.
What about kissing on dating.

Sometime when your Partner want to kiss you what you do is push her away, even some ladies will just bring an excuse that is not really genuine all because they have been dogmated. My dear a kiss in dating is a special gift give to a fellow so therefore it should be reserved for someone special, if you hand out kisses freely, they become cheap and meaningless.

*Word of advice*
Date wisely!

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