It has happened! Worshippers attack govt officials, journalists, police at Lagos Mosque - Nigeria 24 hours news update

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It has happened! Worshippers attack govt officials, journalists, police at Lagos Mosque

A few worshippers  at Agege Central Mosque (Hausa Community) in Agege assaulted a consolidated group of Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency, (LASEPA) and Lagos State Safety Commission, columnists and cops.

The occurrence happened on Tuesday night when the group went out for observing and authorization.

The group had before visited and closed a stockroom of Jumia, a web based promoting store for contradicting the lockdown request by the Federal government.

The organizations likewise closed SPN Packaging Studio Press Nigeria Plc on Plot B, Israel Adebajo Close, Ikeja and Supreme Hotel on 8, Omitola Panada, Agege.

On their way back to Alausa, the group halted to check if the admirers were clinging to the order of the Lagos state government on the decrease of group.

The gathering was watching Solatul Ishai (the last piece of the five every day petitions).

The LASEPA group pioneer and two columnists went into the mosque structure.

They were astounded by getting to the petition area. The huge mosque, famously known as Moshalashi Alhaja, was completely filled.

After culmination of the supplication, the LASEPA group pioneer mentioned to have a crowd of people with the Chief Imam of the Mosque.

A pioneer in the mosque let him know, the Chief Imam was nowhere to be found.

While mentioning for the following individual in rank, a few individuals from the gathering began yelling at him.

As a portion of the mosque's heads were attempting to quiet down, they turned out to be progressively forceful and mauled a portion of the colleagues.

The observing group withdrew when a portion of the admirers turned to conveying a few items.

Before long as they entered their vehicles, the admirers began yelling Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!!

They pursued the group and tossed objects at their vehicles.

LASEPA General Manager Dr Dolapo Fasawe censured the activity.

Fasawe depicted it as primitive.

She focused on that the state won't stop for a second to endorse violators to fill in as a hindrance to other people.

"Clearly the get-together didn't consent to the order of the state government. The mosque was completely filled. 

"The embodiment of social separating is to contain the spread of Coronavirus. The individuals are jeopardizing their lives and those of their neighbors. The administration has an obligation to securing lives of the individuals," she said.

She vowed to guarantee that proper quarters take up the issue, including that such assembling must not be permitted to proceed.

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